What do we do?

Activisionary is a modern social movement utilizing science and environmental philosophy to help create a better understanding of the world and find solutions to some of our current problems, both locally around the UK and on a global scale. We primarily tend to environmental issues, however we do believe in a future where people, animals and the environment can be respected as one!

As an independent and not for profit group, we are dedicated to providing our service(s), not when convenient, but when necessary for the environment and its encompassing wildlife. We noticed that calling upon governmental services took time and hasn’t always fixed the issues local areas are facing.

That’s where we come in!

As individuals, we realized that it’s not just up to councils and our government to clean up the environment and think about the ecosystem. It should be a collective effort starting with the areas that have developed the problems in the first place.

Our mission is to bring people together and make them realize how important nature is, what they can do to help conserve and protect it and bridge the gap between existing organizations who strive to achieve specific goals. In an ever expanding, industrialized world, it has become apparent that without education about ecology and the science behind life, civilization might just succumb to the distractions brought about by modern technological trends, forcing nature out and leaving it as a distant memory, remembered only by the generations who created them. We don’t want that and we’re sure you don’t!

What are our goals?

Our main goals are simple:

  • To conserve and protect our local and wider environment.
  • To educate and inspire others into learning about nature.
  • To join forces and bridge the gap between existing groups and organizations.
  • Provide resources and tools to allow individuals to successfully engage with their community.


Join the revolution today and make nature the number one priority by becoming an Activisionary! Learn about volunteering with us here!