What is change? In context, change should be defined as an action leading towards a positive shift within a bad situation. As an example, a passerby helping an elderly person to cross a busy main road. Cliche? Then perhaps a local community working together in a coastal town, helping to clean spilled oil and litter off the beaches.

Change is a part of nature and a necessary aspect towards progressing and evolving as a species, so how does this translate into our daily lives?

How much can we really change?

If we think of the sheer scale of problems we are facing as a species then it may begin to overwhelm and seem futile to even think about trying to act upon anything, especially on a global scale. You may think, hang on… why should I be the one to act whilst others so belligerently consume, hate and destroy the environment and their co-inhabitants? The truth is, it should have never got to this stage and if we’re to think like this, our situation will definitely get worse and perpetuate from there.

There is simply no way to measure the amount an individual can change and is an unfair assumption, as we all have the ability and capacity to achieve anything within reason. Our limitations in a sociopolitical sense are simply due to our own insecurities, and from this realization we should reflect on our place within the universe. Though, to understand our place is not a welcoming sensation, however it does add a little perspective. Depending on your philosophical bend it is safe to say we are pretty insignificant along the spectrum of matter contained withing the universe. This doesn’t mean however, we are at all helpless to the natural laws that govern our world, we simply have to adapt around them.

Within the universe we could be comparable to unicellular organisms such as Prokaryotes contained in bacteria which are accommodated by another species of animal for example in an intestinal tract and so on, etc… Individually we can only expect to mutate locally, with a higher probability of evolving if  we work alongside others, eventually  influencing the probability of evolving and spreading further down the tract.

Despite the fairly labored metaphor above, remember that individually, we can make a difference locally through an altruistic attitude. This can be anything from picking up a piece of litter, to hosting a talk about environmental concerns within your local area. Those actions will then lead to regional changes, all along the way inspiring others to participate, continuing the momentum until there is international and ultimately global change.

Local action > regional > international > global.