Here at Activisionary we believe that knowledge should be free and open, especially if that knowledge can be applied to solving some of our most pressing issues. With the help of our volunteers we aim to build a community centered around local and wider environmental problems that can be acted upon through collaborative effort.

Meet our current team of growing volunteers:

Positions available:

Environmental Journalist

We are looking for someone with a strong writing background and keen insight into environmental matters. Our environmental journalists are responsible for content creation and are expected to keep a high standard of writing for our readers and visitors to the website. Previous experience in writing is essential, however we will make exceptions for those willing to learn.


Our researchers are required to search and discover the latest news within the environmentalist movement and leaders in the field of environmental science. They are required to keep our editorial team informed of the latest developments and are an integral part of Activisionary.

Alternatively if you have other commitments but want to help every now and again, we do accept freelance articles. If you have an article you think Activisionary can publish, e-mail us on the e-mail below and we will have our editorial team read it over!

If you would like to volunteer with Activisionary please contact us and let us know which position you’re interested in via e-mail: