Fracking is an issue we’ve been following for a while now and the controversy has been growing after people have been exposed to footage and stories of the extreme side effects. Ever since the poorly regulated projects over in the USA there’s been extensive campaigning by environmentalist groups and for the most part politicians have been listening and at least shown some disagreement with the methods involved.

However, with fracking companies proposing stricter regulations surrounding the method of retrieval to governments and promising to fuel economic growth, fracking has been placed back on the front line for alternative forms of energy as a quick fix to the current energy crisis here in the UK.

What is fracking?

Fracking also known as hydraulic fracturing is an expensive technique and process used to retrieve natural gases such as shale and coal bed methane which are used as a form of energy. Before getting to the source of these natural gases, energy companies must build and engineer a massive drill capable of drilling up to 20,000 ft. To put it into perspective, there are 6 kilometers in 20,000 ft, which equates to about 11 football fields. Which means that in order to get to the gasses, these companies have to drill as far down into the ground as 66 football fields!


However it doesn’t stop there… Upon drilling, vast amounts of water and chemicals which have been proven to be detrimental towards peoples health are pumped through the bore hole at high pressures to calm the flow rate, making the gas easier to retrieve. It’s also important to note that once the gas has been retrieved, there is little that can be done to fill the borehole and the areas which are predominantly countryside are then left with geological damage and chemicals that could potentially destroy habitats for wildlife and vegetation. In some locations it has been reported that the chemicals have entered water tables, causing serious health problems to the people who’ve been using their water.

What can we do to stop fracking?

As the government has already given the go ahead for companies to start testing in the UK, it is up to us to campaign against it and deliver a message to both our governments and the companies involved that we want safe clean energy!

  • Write to your local MP’s about your concern over Hydraulic fracturing.
  • Sign online petitions against fracking across the United Kingdom.
  • Join groups and organizations in your local area or start your own branch.
  • Educate your family and friends surrounding the issues of fracking.

The anti-fracking network

The anti-fracking network is an effort between the concerned citizens of the United Kingdom and Activisionary to remove the concept of fracking from the minds of large companies and the people who support their agenda.

Here are a list of groups and organizations campaigning hard to stop fracking sites around the UK:

Frack Off

Friends of the Earth


The Co-operative

If you have an anti-fracking group that you wish to be added to the list let us know so that members surrounding your area can join and support your campaign!